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Bob The Train

Kids love it when they have someone they can rely on. Someone they know who will always be with them, no matter what. This is exactly why kids love Bob, the Train! Bob is someone who loves and adores his friends more than anything. He holds children in the highest regard. And for him, nothing is more important than educating babies the right way; with loads of fun and tons of playfulness; the way it was always meant to be. The adventures with Bob, is an experience children always talk about. His friends are always with him when it's time for nursery rhymes, dancing and singing, making rhymes so much more entertaining! The ABC's and Numbers and Shapes song are so much more fun because Bob, the Train is constantly trying to reinvent kindergarten songs. Bob, having spent all his time with little toddlers, know what they like and knows how to turn every frown upside down. Bob, the Train's emphasis on the importance preschool education is more than enough to know you can trust this colorful, lovely, train blindly with your little ones in his care. Bob, promises to turn them into little geniuses of the future!

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TV Show Kids English 2013 74 00:31:00 HD Via DICE

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