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UnFortuity Penicillin

If you have ever asked yourself «How it could be if…» you know what this documentary is about. Even our smallest decisions can affect our whole life considerably and turn the existing reality upside down. From some point of view important discoveries and inventions in the history of humanity are simple coincidences. UnFortuity propose you a chain of facts about discovery of penicillin from accidentally forgotten cup with bacteria in 1928 to great impact on well-being of humanity (for example, a 23% mortality decrease in British residents in 1944 since the mentioned date). With historic footages and drama scenes, the documentary tracks all steps that led to the important scientific breakthrough. Is it fortuity or UnFortuity? We suggest the audience to make their own conclusions. 

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TV Show Factual English 2017 13 00:26:00 HD, SD Via DICE

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