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Haathi ka Anda(The Elephant's Egg)

Nine-year-old Kintoo’s friend is an elderly bookseller-cum-restorer, Baba. One day Baba tells Kintoo about his grandfather’s library and his favourite book among them all – Arabian Nights – the book whose story never ends. Kintoo is fascinated. When he visits his uncle’s house in the village, he discovers a tattered copy of Arabian Nights, matching Baba’s description. Kintoo now aspires to take the book to Baba. However, this seems as impossible a task as an elephant trying to lay an egg. Would Kintoo be able to achieve the impossible, in this delightful film written by Shanta Gokhale and directed by Arun Khopkar. 


  • Selected for 50th Indian Panaroam – India – 2003

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Feature Kids, Film Hindi 2000 01:15:00 SD Via DICE
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