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Giving Tales

GivingTales is not only an app for mobiles and tablets, it is also audio and video content offering beautiful illustrated versions of Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tales, for children and for adults alike.

The stories are read by some of the best voices of our time including Sir Roger Moore, Ewan McGregor, Stephen Fry, Dame Joan Collins, Joanna Lumley, Sir Michael Caine, David Walliams, Charlotte Rampling, Paul McKenna, Michael Ball and Emma Samms. Children can read along to learn the core values of these incredible tales teach, such as bravery, selflessness, and compassion.

Enjoy engaging and entertaining versions of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales for children, read out loud by world-class celebrities!

·       The Princess and the Pea by Sir Roger Moore

·       The Ugly Duckling by Stephen Fry

·       The Little Match Girl by Ewan McGregor

·       The Emperor’s New Clothes by Dame Joan Collins

·       The Snow Queen by Joanna Lumley

·       Little Claus and Big Claus by Sir Michael Caine

·       The Little Mermaid by David Walliams

·       Thumbelina by Charlotte Rampling

·       It’s Quite True! by Paul McKenna

·       The Steadfast Tin Soldier by Sir Roger Moore

·       The Nightingale by Michael Ball

·       The Tinderbox by Emma Samms, MBE

Discover a world filled with magic and colours through our beautifully illustrated books and let your imagination run wild in the most famous short stories of all times!


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