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Earth to Luna

Earth to Luna! is a preschool series all about Luna, a six-year-old girl who is completely, undeniably and passionately into just one thing: science! For Luna the earth is a giant laboratory and she dives into every new experience with boundless energy and enthusiasm! What most of us might ignore, Luna notices and becomes obsessed with until she answers the question: “Why is this happening?!”. Luna’s missions of discovery are both real and pretend. For example, on a particularly rainy day, Luna and Clyde imagined they were drops of water, waiting in a cloud to fall to earth as raindrops. In fact, there is nothing Luna won’t do or imagine to find the answers to her scientific questions! While Season 1 takes place around Luna’s neighborhood, in Season 2, Luna, Jupiter, and Clyde find themselves with all sorts of new questions as they spend their summer vacation at Plum Creek Ranch, grandma and grandpa’s home in the country. Interacting with people from the nearby town, horseback riding, helping with chores around the ranch like milking the cows, gathering eggs, picking fruit, feeding the fish in the pond… life on a ranch proves to be full of all sorts of new things to investigate and discover. And Luna soon finds that Plum Creek Ranch is the best experience ever! Then in Season 3 the family sets out on a journey in their camper around the world. Traveling to exotic places, meeting new people and cultures, and all new discoveries.

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