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Hippothesis, Early learner – Ages 3 to 7, is a fun new humorous 2D animated science short format series that answer the “why”, questions all young scientists have! Strong, simple, linear stories with one science concept creatively delivered. Our stars, Dawn, the pygmy Hippopotamus, and Edward the dog, explore their everyday environments and learn about the natural world around them. Dawn enthusiastically investigates anything, while Edward approaches the world more methodically – wanting to know what the result will be before they even start. Every episode features a “Paws”, lead by Edward, where he pauses the action and asks the audience a direct question regarding today’s concept, which allows the children at home to predict how the situation will go. “Do you think Dawn can become a nocturnal creature? Will Dawn be able to fly away like a bird?” The end of every show features an at-home experiment which gives children the opportunity to explore and integrate today’s concept through their own imaginative play.

Types Categories Languages Season Episodes Duration Formats Delivery
Episodic Series Kids Show English 1 20 00:03:30 HD Via DICE

AVOD, Digital, Mobile, OTT, Pay TV, SVOD, TVOD available: Worldwide

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