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I’m a Fish

I’m a Fish is a series of animated short films which showcases sea creatures from all over the world – and under the water. It’s quirky and it’s fun! Each episode features a different fish, mollusc or crustacean who presents itself - quirks, tricks, fascinating design features and interesting facts about their habitat and how they survive in such deep, dark and sometimes dangerous places! Take the Lion Fish for example – This bruiser from the world’s oceans takes great pride in his mane and the fact that they are one of the most feared fish in the entire sea. We’ll meet the beautiful Butterfly fish – his greatest joy is his “super good looks.” And the Puffer Fish – They may look small but Pufferfish are actually pretty tough. Nobody should try to eat them as they are one of the most poisonous fish in the sea and they have a few other tricks up their…fins… With 52 strong personalities, I’m A Fish is a fun way for young children to learn fun facts about the creatures who inhabit our waters both at home and around the world.

Types Categories Languages Season Episodes Duration Formats Delivery
Episodic Series Kids Show English Not Applicable 52 00:02:00 HD Via DICE

AVOD not available: China

Mobile available: Worldwide

SVOD not available: China, South Korea, Finland

TVOD not available: China

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