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This is the story of Shahrazad and Shahryar from a human perspective away from the fictitious fairy tales. It is primarily centered on the situations that united them and on how a poor girl could change the life of a Sultan, whose main concern was to find the love he failed to find with all the women he was married to and was repeatedly cheated by! The other focal point in the story is the people's uprising against oppression on one hand and the relationship between the people and their ruler and the occupation on the other hand. At the heart of the story, the relationship between Shahrazad and Shahrayar manifests itself with its complications, ramifications and reflections on reality into intertwined relationships: the relationship between man and woman, love and jealousy, suspicion and revenge, the ruler and his people, justice and injustice, loyalty and betrayal...etc


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Episodic Series Entertainment Arabic 2004 Not Applicable 30 00:50:00 HD English Via DICE

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