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Lets Fall in love

Kaan is a Ph.D. student, but after a one-night stand his life changed when he became a single dad of an 8-month-old daughter, Sue Allen. One day, his babysitter quits and Kaan hires a village girl, Ayperi, to take care of his baby. However, this simple village girl will change Kaan’s life forever. (This story began 43 years ago at Cyprus War. Ayperi’s grandfather saved Kaan’s grandfather’s life.) Getting closer while arguing about almost everything, these two Kaan and Ayperi will face a real obstacle, when Sue’s real mother shows up. Now Kaan has to choose his bride; a woman that fits him perfectly or a simple village girl who takes care of his baby girl?

Types Categories Languages Year of Production Season Episodes Duration Formats Delivery
Episodic Series Entertainment Turkish 2017 Not Applicable 32 00:45:00 HD Via DICE

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