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The girl name Feriha

A fairy tale based on white lies. This heart wrenching drama tells the dreams and desires of a young girl who got stuck between two worlds. Feriha is a girl who lives in a luxury neighbourhood. Her father works as a janitor in an apartment block, where the block management provides the family a small apartment in the basement. Feriha is in the middle and away of a world where desires and opportunities are endless. Her dreams and reality will be mixed up when she attends a private university with full scholarship. She quickly starts being the center of attention for the upper class in the university. Including Emir, who is a rich and handsome playboy! She wears her rich neighbour's clothes, looks rich from outside but for how long she will be able to continue pretending to be rich? The beautiful daughter of a janitor will rise from her own world to a false world that she has built where she is the princess. Alas, this new world that she built will start to consume her and her family and also the real life struggles of the mother and the daughter will become a battle where there's no return

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Hazal Kaya (who is also the main actress in Feriha) won the best actress award for her role in "Our Story", in the Istanbul Aydın University Communication Awards.

Types Categories Languages Season Episodes Duration Formats Delivery
Episodic Series Entertainment English, Hindi, Turkish Not Applicable 174 00:42:00 HD Via DICE

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