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Dangerous Beauty

The young and beautiful Muazzez loses the last member of her family, her dad, Hüsnü. On his deathbed he writes a letter to Ahmet, who he broke off contact with many years ago. He asks him to take care of his daughter Muazzez, who will be left all alone when he dies. To make things worse, it turns out that Hüsnü had lots of debts and Muazzez becomes homeless soon after his death. Ahmet is the father of two grown up sons - Namik and Sait. When he receıves the letter from Hüsnü, he sends his elder son Namik to fetch Muazzez. Namık travels to Izmir to bring her home. The two have never met before. When Muazzez comes to live with the family, the beauty of this young girl attracts both brothers - Namik and Sait. They feel that Muazzez brings joy and energy into their lives. The only person who doesn’t like her is Namik’s conservative and controlling wife, Şayeste, who feels overshadowed and ignored because of Muazzez. On the other hand, Muazzez’s ex boyfriend Feyyaz gets out of prison and imposes another burden on her life, making everything even harder than it already is. Sait and Muazzez are the same age, so they happen to spend a lot of time together. He begins to fall in love with this beautiful girl, as Namik starts to notice his brother’s obvious interest towards her. This close relationship of the two; makes Namik so jealous, that he tries to draw his brother’s attention away from her. Meanwhile, Sayeste realizes that her husband has feelings towards Muazzez too. A compelling drama, filled with heartbreak, jealousy and powerful emotions. Dangerous Beauty is the story of a family who gets more than they bargained for, when they decide to take an orphaned girl into their family; an irresistible young woman, who wıll bring storm clouds to their previously clear skies. 

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