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The Guardian Angel

Genco, is one of many people whose lives changed in the Yalova earthquake. This 45-second earthquake not only killed his parents but his future that he is being prepared for. His passion of playing the piano makes him convince his family to stay in Yalova that night. But this childish wish leads to a disaster.

Genco leaves Yalova after a while and settles in the same village of taxi driver Ahmet, who helped him during the earthquake. Genco thinks that his sister is still alive since her dead body couldn't be found. Feeling guilty of what has happened to his family, he hides his identity from her sister Gulay who survived during the earthquake but lost her memory and started living as a foster child of a wealthy family. All he can do is to follow Gulay like a shadow trying to protect her. Now called Özge, she is the only daughter of the rich family. By coincidence, she is registered to the university of the same district that Genco lives. Just to be able to close to his sister he starts to work as a janitor at the university. In the university, he is not just close to his sister, but he falls in love with her closest friend Pınar.

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TV Show TV Turkish 2007 51 01:30:00 HD Via DICE
AVOD, Digital, Linear / Broadcast (TV), Mobile, OTT, Pay TV, SVOD, TVOD: Worldwide

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