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Black Money Love

A young cop...

The daughter of a tycoon...

Two dead bodies...

A breathtaking story full of mystery and romance...

Ömer, a police officer based in Van, and Elif, from one of the leading families in Istanbul, have to meet with a tragic event. Ömer’s fiancée Sibel and Elif´s father Ahmet Denizer are found dead in the same car, both shot in the head.

Ömer and Elif start to investigate to understand why these two people who are from two different worlds were in the same car, how they knew each other, and why they were killed. Soon after, when Ömer finds one diamond in his fiancée’s room and another in the car where the dead bodies were found, they realize that the murder is related to diamonds. Meanwhile, mafia members threathen Elif to bring all the missing diamonds to save her little sister who has been kidnapped.

Their secrets keeping them apart, Elif and Ömer decide to investigate together and begin to look for the diamonds while learning to trust each other.

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Series Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Suspense - Mystery , Thriller, Turkish English, Turkish 164 00:45:00 HD Via DICE

OnDemand Advertising (AVoD), Online / Digital, Linear Programming (TV), Marketing, OTT Channel, DTH / PayTV Channel, OnDemand Subscription (SVoD), OnDemand Transcational (TVoD): Worldwide

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