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Flea is a young boy who is mysteriously mute. He runs away from an abusive home with a violent stepfather to join a tribe of forest dwellers known as the Shadow Clan. Under the shamanistic leadership of “Raven” and with the help of the Clan’s advocate, “Marsh Man” (Barry Williams from The Brady Bunch) and the tribe’s historian “Poet,” Shadeland provides a refuge for lost children, the elderly and the disabled. Flea feels home here. He is welcomed and begins to understand what true “family” is about.

Flea’s presence soon challenges the exiled antagonist “Badger,” whose dangerous mystical powers can injure or even kill. In the stories of lore, the chosen boy can harness his inner strength, and overcome evil. This frightens Badger who thinks Flea is that special chosen one. Badger and his Bottomtown gang begin to hunt Flea down, with the help of a slimy recycler named “Scavenger.”

FLEA is a story about the discarded and unwanted in society who come together to form a family. Once the boy Flea joins this rag-tag group of misfits, only then can he find his inner power and his true calling.

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