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Tainted Love

Cem, the assistant general manager of a large company, and Yasemin, a law student who grew up in an orphanage, cross paths at Cem’s company party. As one of Cem’s colleagues molests her, Yasemin goes crazy but Cem, who has a hard time trusting women, assumes that she is to be blamed. When the truth comes out, Cem realizes that Yasemin is innocent. One night, Yasemin accidentally goes to a boat party which gets raided and gets taken into custody by the police who falsely label her as an escort. The large amount of money she had borrowed from her boss for the surgery of her hearing-impaired brother, is lost during the boat raid. When Yasemin finds out that her best friend, Şirin, is an escort, she removes her from her life. Obsessed with Yasemin, the police officer Birkan tells her that her escort file has been closed, when in fact he holds onto the file for use in due course. Constantly doing everything in his power to make Cem unhappy his brother Arda succeeds and finally gets his hands on Yasemin’s file. On the night that Cem plans to propose to Yasemin, Arda brings Yasemin’s escort file and throws it on the table. Seeing that Cem doesn’t believe her, Yasemin refuses to see Cem again and breaks up with him. While Cem realizes that Yasemin is not guilty this time either, Yasemin is uncertain as to forgive him or not.

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TV Show TV Turkish 2019 30 00:42:00 HD Via DICE

AVOD, Digital, Linear / Broadcast (TV), Mobile, OTT, Pay TV, SVOD, TVOD: Worldwide

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