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The biography of Balqis, the Queen of Sheba, has been overlooked by both historians and film makers, although in folklore and Arab and global collective consciousness, she is most worthy of the title of queen. The story begins in the last years of the reign of Balqis's father, King Al Hedhad, the King of Sheba, who was domineering and weak at the same time. The country was in his time impotent on all military, economic and administrative levels and the conflict between the leaders of Ethiopian and Yemeni tribes have led to despising the central government and weakening its control over the country. The Crown Prince is then taken prisoner in Ethiopia, gets too ill and dies in his prison leaving the throne to his sister, Balqis. The series whose events take place in Yemen is a biography of Balqis, the distinguished queen from Hamiriya and the Queen of Sheba. She was a symbol of her age and a major driving force of the events of this series, which addresses one of the most important ...

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