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Princess of Rome

In Byzantium, a priest is desperate of the city and its people›s way of living. He preaches them and promises them salvation.

Inside the Tsar castle, lives his granddaughter Malika, who is always worried. She is not sad because of the earthquake which ruined her wedding ceremony, but because of the injustice and turmoil that people are suffering from, and how can she help them to get justice.

Nothing can calm her down except her prayers and the dreams that carry her in to another world.

All castle dwellers think that her new wedding ceremony will make her feel better - the wedding that she had never liked and every time she thought about, it made her feel worse.

One day, Malika wakes up happily because of a promising future she saw in her dream that night.

What was that dream? And how did the princess of Rome move to the slave market in Bagdad, and then to the house of Imam Ali al-Hadi?
Which events lead to achieving the promised annunciation?

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Feature Kids Arabic, English, French 2015 01:11:00 HD, SD Via DICE
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