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Hum Saath - Saath Hain

Ramkishen and his wife Mamta head a big joint family. The family that prays together…stays together…! This is the firm belief of Ramkishen. They have three sons – Vivek (Mohnish Bahl), Prem (Salman Khan) and Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) and a daughter Sangeeta (Neelam) who is married to Anand (Mahesh Thakur). Vivek gets married to Sadhana, Prem gets engaged to Preeti and Vinod falls in love with Sapna respectively. Now the turmoil starts. Anand's brother throws him, Sangeeta and their daughter out of their house. This incident triggers insecurity in Mamta's mind regarding the relationship between her sons - would Vivek be tempted to act similarly if he heads the business in future? Her three nosy society friends and Sapna's father Dharamraj add fuel to the fire. Mamta decides that there should be separation within family. Ramkishen gives in to her demands, albeit reluctantly. But the sons and daughters-in-law stand united in their moment of crisis. Hum Saath Saath Hain upholds and celebrates the traditions of the Indian joint family. This film captures our heart with its warmth.

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Films Drama, Family, Indian, Musical, Romance Hindi 1999 02:57:00 HD Via DICE

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