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Oasis of love

Svetlana is a single mother living with her student daughter Lera. The girl’s father left the family before she was born. But now Svetlana is happy: after all years of loneliness, her colleague and boyfriend have finally proposed. Lera is not thrilled to have a stepfather – she needs a real one. After a little “internet investigation”, the girl finds out that her father lives in Kazakhstan. So she borrows her mother’s wedding money and soon finds herself in Alma-Ata, on the doorstep of a wealthy gentleman named Amir. He has no idea who she was. However, he invites her, and a few days spent in the East, seem to be a fairy tale: a rich house, several generations of the big happy family, a passionate, handsome young man - so different from Vanya, Lera’s admirer... All this look like a new wonderful life ... But is everything so cloudless? What happened many years ago? Will Lera, Svetlana and Amir ever live as a family, rebuilding the union?...

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Feature Film Russian 2012 01:34:00 HD Via DICE

AVOD, Digital, Linear / Broadcast (TV), Mobile, OTT, Pay TV, SVOD, TVOD: Worldwide

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