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Tiny and The Umbrella

Tiny is a 6-year-old girl who raises a carnivorous plant pet that is fed daily with ants collected in the green surroundings of the house she lives in. The girl has two friends besides the plant: Mr. Smith, the postman who brings news and good company, but is terrified of the carnivorous plant and refusesto stay in the same room with her; and Inertia, the new neighbor, who likes to remain in the state she is. In addition to Tiny, Inertia is the only person to maintain a good relationship with the carnivorous plant. A trail of ants is always present in the life of Tiny. In the parallel universe of the ants, two of the little insects stand out from the others having existential humorous dialogues. In the plot, Tiny is surprised by a series of extraordinary events, part of a secret plan the ants made to save themselves from being used as food for the carnivorous plant. Tiny’s search for the solution of this mystery reveals her the world from a new perspective.

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Films Adventure, Animated Movies, Art, Educational : Pre School, Family, House and Home, Nature & Environment Portuguese(Brazilian) 2020 01:12:00 HD Via DICE

OnDemand Advertising (AVoD), Online / Digital, Linear Programming (TV), Marketing, OTT Channel, DTH / PayTV Channel, OnDemand Subscription (SVoD), OnDemand Transcational (TVoD): India

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