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Romantic Comedy 2

This sequel to the Turkish comedy hit brings back the characters together once again. Zeynep and Ergun are now married and Esra ,too, is in preparation to tie the knot. Didem is the only one in the group that has remained single as her boyfriend Cem has not yet proposed. As a result, she starts reading a book, trying to figure out all the techniques it describes, hoping that he would propose. Then suddenly, things take an unexpected turn. Cem is about to star in a new film with a beautiful actress named Gozde, making Didem extremely jealous. She starts to follow every step he takes, leading her to Cem's secret bachelor party. Alas, that's just one of the many surprises revealed in this charming comedy ensemble.

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Feature Film Arabic, Turkish 2019 01:48:00 HD Via DICE
AVOD, Digital, Linear / Broadcast (TV), Mobile, OTT, Pay TV, SVOD, TVOD: Worldwide

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